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Mad as a Hatter Hair

Crazy Hair for kids is all the rage – at school, sports, parties – it’s not just for Halloween anymore! Let us help! Mad as a Hatter hair is for all ages and all events. Cast will come to your event with hair color, glitter, props, and all sorts of ways to transform hair into silly works of art!

Various styles and silliness apply but here’s a sample:

Bows, Cupcakes, & Unicorns OH MY!  

Stylists can shape hair into bows, cupcakes, unicorns as well as other options. We start with a bow and can add colors of choice, “unicorn snot” also known as hair glitter, and top it off with silly props to stick in the hair style

Crazy hair colors and styles Mane

For any age we can do various styles with gel, bands and spray and enhance with various colors, confetti, and hair glitter. Colors can be themed to teams, event colors, and geared to various ages.

general mane

Holiday Mane

Mad as a Hatter has various styles for holiday events as well. Pumpkins, boys hair sprayed green with creepy crawlies for Halloween or maybe some reindeer heads or wreaths for Christmas. 4th of July event? No problem – we have stars, stripes and all sorts of patriotic ideas! Let us know what holiday event you are doing and we will tell you what ideas we have for your guests!

mane pumpkin
Mad Hatter Hair Party REV1

Packages are $125/hr with a two hour minimum. Contact Ever After for availability. Events outside OC mileage rates apply.