Jul 4 2017

It’s a very merry unbirthday TO YOU! And YOU, and YOU!

Although our princess friends are lucky to have amazing Kings and Queens in their palace to throw amazing birthday parties for them each year, many princesses and princes don’t get to have birthday parties in Orange County or even presents for that matter. Tea Party princess can’t even think about these beautiful children going without on their birthday and no birthday party! So, we are doing something about it this summer!

Our Princess with a Purpose task is going to span 8 weeks this summer instead of our usual 4. We are going to encourage people to buy Target or Walmart gift cards for homeless children we help at Operation Warm Wishes or to donate gifts for our annual Birthday Party for Kids! On July 20th we are going to host a party for all the kids that don’t get parties with gifts, decorations and all sorts of fun things. Anyone is invited if you want to meet some new friends and help us decorate and make a difference!

Then in August, we will be bringing the party to both parents and children connected to OC Rescue Mission by hosting even more parties for those in need. Want to help? You can make cards, donate supplies for us to decorate or even donate a gift yourself!

If you wish to send any of the things listed above for us to present to your fellow princes and princesses, please contact Ever After Princess or send to us directly at

Ever After Princess

PO Box 60571

Irvine. CA 92602

We hope you have a splendid summer filled with all the fun every child deserves!

~Tea Party Princess and Ever After Princess Events