Mermaid Mane

Plunge party perhaps? Our swimming mermaids are making a splash all across southern California singing and swimming and making pool parties something spectacular.

For those little mermaids that want the full experience and transformation into a mermaid herself, Mermaid Mane, is the perfect addition. Party guests will get a basic mermaid up-do or braid, mermaid make-up, “sea sparkles”, and a mer-crown of their very own. Not to mention we give them their “mermaid stripes”.

All in fun and fun for all, Mermaid Mane can be added onto any swimming mermaid party or a Mermaid Princess party. Contact Ever After Princess for more information or for booking for your party or event.

Mermaid Mane Party_2023

Mane event products are made for hair and skin and colors wash out in 2-3 shampoos depending on hair color and length