Mad as a Hatter & Face Painting Combo

For the full experience without limitations in your guests creativity, clients can combine Mane Event Hair (Mad as a Hatter, Unicorn Mane, etc.) with face painting and/or glitter art on the face. Little ones love the combination of Mad as a Hatter hair with face paint to continue their “look” or character of choice. Another popular option is our Unicorn Mane with chunky glitter and iridescent face paint for kids, teens, even adult events. All sorts of options – all sorts of fun!

Brooke chose her favorite team colors as her unicorn with Mad as a Hatter hair, a unicorn horn, and chunky unicorn glitter for her combo look.
Our little friend, Patrick, wanted something “spooky” around Halloween. He chose some creepy crawlies in a bright green and cobweb mane. He didn’t want too much paint so a few little runaway ants were painted for a small effect.
Chloe is cute as a mouse. Mom didn’t want color in her hair so we did a mouse bow with chunky glitter and “pixie dust” topping off her cute overload with painted cheeks, eyelashes and nose for her combo look.
Our pre-teen, Devyn, just wanted something fun and more mature. She chose her favorite colors, lots of sparkle and fun with chunky glitter and confetti stars for her face.
Hair & Face Painting Pricing_2023

Number of styles that can be done during a 60 minute session varies upon the styles selected. We recommend at least 2 hours for your guests and contacting EAP to determine styles and amount of time needed.

Mane Event Combo events can combine any hair combination with face paint and glitter. Full face paint and hair or minimal face paint – anything goes with a combo! Contact Ever After for booking information.

Mane event products are made for hair and skin and colors wash out in 2-3 shampoos depending on hair color and length