Holiday Mane is our Main Event hair with your professional Mane Artist that is artfully transitioned to represent various holiday themes.

Whether it is snowmen and reindeer for December holidays or red, white and blue for the 4th of July or Memorial Day parties, Holiday Mane adds a fun flare to any corporate or community event. Holiday Mane can be done with props similar to what is seen below, or simply in colors that represent that holiday such as greens and golds for St. Patrick’s Day.

Contact Ever After to help you create your perfect holiday idea.

Although the reindeer mane is quite popular with clients, Christmas Mane uses lots of reds and greens that sparkle, snowmen, Angels with sprinkles of whites and feathers and sprinkled with silver, and even characters from movies such as The Grinch.
Halloween is a favorite of both kids and adults. Holiday Mane is fun to do for Halloween as almost anything goes. Pumpkins, spider webs & creepy crawlies, mummies, ghosts even black cats. These manes can be done with lots of color and props or can be minimal with no color but props for simple mane styles. Add the combo effect with the face paint and complete any look desired.
Holiday Mane Pricing-2023

Number of styles that can be done during a 60 minute session varies upon the styles selected. We recommend at least 2 hours for your guests and contacting EAP to determine styles and amount of time needed.

Mane event products are made for hair and skin and colors wash out in 2-3 shampoos depending on hair color and length