Unicorn Mane is our version of the popular, “Chalking”

Chalking is the popular trend of adding a touch of color that is temporary and washable. Used for fun with kids and adult functions, you will find chalking at things like carnivals and festivals, teen events such as Grad Night or celebratory functions. Chalking actually even adds a protective layer to hair and depending on the color or chalk and the hue of the hair it’s applied to, the chalk comes out in 2-3 washes and is non-toxic.

Unicorn Mane includes basic style, choice of chalking colors and dashes of glitter for your ethereal unicorn look. Your Mane Artist will also provide unicorn horns if desired as pictured in this photo.

Unicorn Mane Pricing_2023

Number of styles that can be done during a 60 minute session varies upon guest count. We recommend at least 2 hours for your guests and contacting EAP to determine amount of time needed.