The inception of Ever After Princess began in a hospital room in Orange County, California after witnessing how the pediatric patients at Children’s Hospital of Orange County responded to entertainers during treatment. EAP was born out of love for kids, compassion, and ultimately a means to give back to our community through our cast and funds to charitable causes.

The root of EAP is kindness of our cast who donate their time to charitable causes and our passion for children and how teaching them consistent acts of kindness unto others fosters patterns that will help them become incredible teens and ultimately adults.

Each party comes with one of EAP’s “Kindness Wands” for the guest of honor to paint, create, and then use to spread joy, kindness and compassion to others.

If you have received a wand click here for directions. If you wish to purchase additional wands for your guests, Kindness wands can be purchased for $5 for additional guests or in kits at our store.