Caroling Holiday Princesses

Ever After Princess has combined our favorite things – singing princesses and holidays!

We offer several of our characters such as our classic princesses (Glass Slipper, Sleeping, Red Rose, Fairest, and Mermaid Princess) as well as Snow Princesses with winter capes, winter muffs, and a holiday boutonniere on their cape to create a festive look to their signature costumes. As those familiar with Ever After Princess know, we are known for incredible vocalists and actors who not only look stunning in our gowns but are classically trained vocally.

Our unique holiday characters can be grouped as just a couple of princesses or several to sing either holiday classics of your choice or from a selection of classic songs we can select for your event. Cast will not only serve as holiday carolers for your event, but will also still remain in their characters at your party or event for that extra touch of holiday magic.

Princess carolers can be booked for holiday parties, events, public tree lightings and celebrations, just about anything you can think of in November and December. Princess carolers can be booked for events in Orange County and parts of Riverside and Los Angeles counties (not all zip codes offered). Please book holiday carolers in advance as they are popular during the holiday season. For vocal samplings of current cast and carolers, visit our cast page here and click on any cast member that is named, “vocalist”. Only vocalist cast is eligible for our caroling cast during the holiday season. For more information please contact us here.