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Feb 12 2020

Spring Princess loves to give back to the people in her kingdom. She’s an unstoppable force of kindness and this month she’s giving back to the people in her kingdom who need kindness the most! Many of the people in Spring Princess’s kingdom are fortunate to have homes […]

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Jan 27 2020

What is the next big celebration after the new year?? If you guessed the Super Bowl then you’re right! Last year the Super Bowl had about 98.2 million tv viewers and about 46% of people in the U.S. attended or hosted a Super Bowl party. Now, what if […]

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Dec 14 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for giving! We elves love to give presents to each other and help Santa give presents to people all over the world! What makes our tinsel tingle the most though is giving presents of kindness and love! While the boss in […]

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Nov 12 2019

Warrior Princess knows it takes a lot of bravery to stand up for what you believe in. Can you think of any other people who have a lot of bravery? If you guessed our troops, that’s what we’re thinking too! People who serve our country deserve our respect […]

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Oct 15 2019

Boo! It’s time for some Halloween inspired kindness this month!  While trick-or-treating and decorating are fun, I get most excited about spreading some kindness during the month of October! One of the best ways to turn your neighborhood into a community is to connect with your neighbors. This […]

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Aug 31 2019

Showing kindness and support toward the homeless is something every princess finds important. There are so many ways princesses love to make a difference for those who are in need and amazing people around the world doing their part to help.  While every act of kindness towards the […]

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Aug 1 2019

Howdy, ya’ll! Thanks for joining me and my Star Squad this month to spread kindness throughout your community! Grab your Kindness Wand, dust off your boots and let’s get going, cowpoke! There’s lots of kindness to be spread! So you received a Kindness Wand at your party…now what? […]

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Jul 13 2019

Mermaid Princess has gadgets and gizmos aplenty! She loves collecting trinkets to add to her collection! She’s taking some of her items (plus collecting some on the way) from the sea to the land with her this month and donating them to children who are entering the foster […]

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Jun 15 2019

Wonder Girl knows there are many women and men who devote their lives to keeping us safe and protecting our independence. These heroes are brave, just like Wonder Girl, and she wants to show them her thanks…in the form of letters, volunteering, and other fun ways to give […]

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May 1 2019

Pirouette into May with us! It is our favorite time of the year because it is a season filled with lots of dancing in the spring weather and dance recitals too! We love dancing with our friends here at Ever After Princess Productions because there are so many […]

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