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May 1 2018

Princess Ella encourages others to embrace her most important values: to be kind, charitable, and giving; just like her friends at The Compton Initiative who she lent a helping hand to earlier this month! The Compton Initiative is a southern California non-profit organization which aims to restore the […]

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Mar 15 2018

Let’s see what the power of friends can accomplish! With friends to help us along the way, we can overcome almost anything that happens in life! Aloha Princess knows that we must let our inner beauty, strength, and wisdom help us reach the horizon when facing a difficult […]

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Feb 10 2018

Our Amulet Princess enjoyed a nice visit with the elderly citizens in her kingdom this month. Many of them had stories to share and words of wisdom to pass on. Visiting with the elderly showed Amulet Princess that some of our most important values are within us because […]

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Jan 12 2018

Snow Queen here! Winter is my favorite time of year! Ice skating, snow forts, and of course my favorite little snowman make this season so magical! While there are so many fun parts of winter, the season can also be so cold…Thankfully, I have so many loved ones […]

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Nov 28 2017

Any parent knows that there are no fine lines deciphering “naughty or nice.” Let’s face it comrades: if it were that black or white then the North Pole would probably have gone out of business a long time ago. But luckily the holiday incentive model is left up […]

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Nov 8 2017

Let’s Get Down To Business… for our warriors! Halloween is now past us and it’s time to give thanks. It’s also Veteran’s Day on November 11th. Our resident Warrior Princess consulted the ancestors about how we could best thank those who serve, and they gave her some pretty […]

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Sep 22 2017

It’s that month to celebrate some of our favorite villains by hosting spooky parties and decorating our most terrifying jack-o-lanterns! And as our villains like nothing more than to be celebrated and talked about, they’re thrilled that this year the ambassadors of The Infinite Smile Project are sharing […]

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Sep 9 2017

  Tinkerbell is working hard on the mainland this month searching for lost things belonging to Hurricane Harvey victims, but it’s looking like she is going to need a variety of other talents to make an impact. The 20 trillion gallons of water that fell on Texas in […]

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Aug 29 2017

As featured in OC Register in 2017

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Jul 4 2017

It’s a very merry unbirthday TO YOU! And YOU, and YOU! Although our princess friends are lucky to have amazing Kings and Queens in their palace to throw amazing birthday parties for them each year, many princesses and princes don’t get to have birthday parties in Orange County […]

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