Jun 4 2016

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If you know any families that have had a hospital stay with their child, it’s a pretty difficult place to be for anyone. Well, our princesses want to teach all our princesses in training how to help make their stay a bit more comfortable and learn how to extend kindness to other families in need this summer. Princess parties are fun, but kindness is BETTER!

This month our Princess with a Purpose Campaign is the Ronald McDonald House and Family Room. There are many things your local RMH needs and each family can contact their local RMH, but we wanted to provide directions for our princesses in training with a simple project to do once summer vacation starts. Here are your directions for JUNE!


  1. Cookbook

  2. Selection of some easy, healthy recipes that apply to the masses.

  3. Ingredients for these recipes

  4. Disposable containers (lasagna trays, plastic storage containers)

  5. (healthy) children to cook the food for the families and children staying in your local hospital

How to do this challenge:

  1. Look up your local children’s hospital

  2. contact your local hospital or Ronald McDonald House and ask what their needs are currently

  3. if you wish to make a dinner, ask if there are any restrictions or instructions on what and when to bring something for the families.

  4. Ask how many this meal should feed for that current week.

  5. Visit the store to purchase items for the meal. Meal can be just one entrée but ideally you will want an entrée, side dish and dessert.

  6. Bring either a decorative table cloth, flowers, or something to make the table happy and inviting

  7. Schedule a morning to prepare and cook the meal with your children

  8. Bring the meal to your Ronald McDonald House/Family Room on date scheduled. Ask if you can bring your children. This is a great opportunity to learn about kindness and feel the reactions around them for such a kind act for other children.

For more information on the Ronald McDonald Charities, visit: http://www.rmhc.org/home

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