Sep 9 2016


Ella holding chest fave


























Have Courage and Be Kind is what this beautiful girl has been known to say. Wise words she speaks.

This month we want to focus on anti-bullying activities and events and keep the kindness going and make bullying a thing of long ago. A wonderful event has been set up by our friends at Operation Well Wishes. If you can attend, below is the information



bullying event




If you cannot make it or you are from a Kingdom far, far away, there are other resources to build our little prince and princesses confidence so that we can make the bullying well……kindly disappear.

Bully or Buddy Worksheet

This worksheet is quick, easy and has concepts our little Royals can understand. This quick activity will show kids how to determine if another child is someone they should be around or not. Also teaches them the differences between being a friend or unknowingly hurting someone else. Click here for a free download of this worksheet.

Superhero Capes

For something a bit more grand with a tad more color and fun for Royalty that is a bit older, the superhero cape activity requires a group of children who know each other relatively well. Give each prince or princess a large piece of paper approximately 3 feet by 4 feet. The Royals write their names in large print along one of the 3-foot edges and then cut out a circle from the same end; the circle should be large enough to slide over their heads. When placed over her head, the Royal’s  name should be displayed across her chest, while the rest of the paper flows behind like a cape. Once the capes have been arranged around the room, the royal children then scatter around and write positive affirmations on each others’ capes. The children should aim to write at least one positive attribute or trait about each group member. At the end of the activity, the Royals view their own capes to see what others have written. In many cases, reading these positive statements helps the princes and princesses feel a bit like superheroes with high self-esteem.

Spread the love this month and help Ella make everyone courageous and kind!