Dec 1 2018
desert princess - OC princess parties

Every holiday season, the Desert Princess loves to give back to her kingdom by donating presents instead of receiving them. She hopes that one day her whole kingdom can participate in the joy of giving and it will spread far and wide so the holiday spirit will overflow! 

We couldn’t agree more with our friend, the Desert Princess. So, this year, we encourage you to participate in a holiday donation exchange instead of receiving gifts! Think of all of the smiles you will cause across your community just like Desert Princess does in her own kingdom. 

Items Needed for This Month’s Campaign

  • Large Envelopes (big enough for the small envelope, card, and cardstock)
  • Small Envelopes (of similar size to the cards/cardstock)
  • Cards – 1 per person
  • Stamps – 2 per person
  • Cardstock – 1 per person
  • Pen

How to get your friends and family involved is super easy and fun too!

Reach out to family members, near and far, and tell them you would like to do a holiday donation exchange instead of presents this year. Call family members or have a parent help you email family members. Participating family members need to provide their charity, their charity’s address, and their charity’s website (if able). They also need to provide their personal address if you do not have it already.

To assemble:

Stamp both the large and small envelopes

On the smaller and larger envelopes write each family member’s name and address

On the pieces of cardstock neatly write “Thank you for participating in our holiday donation exchange! You will be donating to _____’s charity this year! Include the charity name, charity address, and charity website. Donate to _____’s charity and use the included card and envelope to send him/her a kind message” Do this for every participant.

Place a card, smaller envelope, and matching cardstock in a larger envelope. For example, a larger envelope addressed to Desert Princess will have inside – a smaller envelope addressed to a friend, the cardstock that has Desert Princess’ friend’s charity information on it, and a card. (Make sure nobody gets themselves)

Mail the envelopes!

If you participate in a holiday donation exchange this holiday season instead of gifts this year, we want to hear about it! Tag us at @ever_after_princess and show us the fun you have with your friends and family spreading kindness and holiday cheer!