Dec 7 2015

Our Red Rose Princess love the holidays. With her kind heart she knows that although there is much holiday cheer out and about, many of our senior citizens are not able to get out and enjoy festivities. Many times, she fears these elderly friends of hers could be quite lonely. So, Red Rose Princess has teamed up with our Kid Ambassadors to bring some holiday cheer to our friends in nursing/retirement homes or to those who are stuck at home alone for the happiest season of all.



photo credit Ever After Princess



So, what do you say we help her bring smiles to the faces of our most treasured members of our community?



  • Construction paper, paint and/or scissors


  • Puzzles purchased from the store for adults
cards seniors
reindeer senior

How we are going to do this month’s campaign:

  1. Visit our ISP Pinterest page for various ideas on crafts, ornaments, decorations and more. Select the project you feel is best for you and the ages of the children in your home.
  2. Google : nursing homes or retirement homes in (insert your county or city) or select one you know of in your community
  3. Pick a craft day to make some decorations, ornaments or even crafty cards of love and holiday wishes for seniors.
  4. Call the local nursing home of your choice and schedule a time to drop off.


  1. Purchase puzzles for adults at a local toy store or through Amazon.
  2. Google search nursing homes or senior homes
  3. Contact facility directly
  4. Place big bows on your puzzles
  5. Have the children make some cards for the seniors
  6. Schedule a day to drop off for the residents


Do your Ambassadors go to preschool or have a holiday event? Have a table set up or recommend a class project one day to make some of these items so your child can get the whole class involved. Drop off the supplies with the teacher or volunteer for an hour to help the kids make these items and explain why we are helping our seniors and what it means to them.

Reflection Questions:

  1. Do you have a Grandparent? What would you want to do for them if they were alone on the holidays?
  2. How do you think it made them feel or (for older Ambassadors) What do you think it did for the people you gave these gifts/decorations to this holiday?
  3. Are there any other needs you can think of the seniors in our community have?
senior crafts