Jan 1 2019
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So this is love! This Valentine’s Day is just a month away, and it is The Sleeping Princess’ favorite holiday! She adores any occasion to let her animal friends know how much she loves them, and she thinks it is absolutely wonderful to watch others extend their love just a little bit extra.

For Valentine’s Day this season, The Sleeping Princess thinks it would be a wonderful idea to stretch the holiday just a bit longer by starting in January! She is excited to begin making beautiful valentine’s from scratch and collecting warm fuzzy socks that you can make look just like cupcakes to bring to her friends at the local senior living homes.   

Items Needed for This Month’s Challenge

  1. Cards
    1. White Paper
    2. Colored pencils, markers, stickers, etc.
  2. Cupcake Socks
    1. Spa socks (thick fuzzy socks – sold almost anywhere – Walmart, Amazon, Dollar Store, etc.)
    2. Rubber Bands
    3. Wilton Pink Petal Baking Cups
    4. Ribbon to Coordinate with Your Paper and Sock Color
    5. Chapstick/lipgloss with red (cherry top) *or* red pompoms glued to bobby pins for the “cherry” on top
    6. Buttons, tags, sparkles, stickers, etc. to decorate the cupcake for your own little “signature”
    7. Cellophane cupcake bags (optional if you wish to wrap up)

How to Do This Month’s Challenge

*First research local nursing or senior homes in your area. Contact the home and ask when you can drop off some socks for their residents and how many would be good. Once you secure your contact, date, time and how many, call your friends or gather your family and get to work!


1.) Remove all tags from socks. Lay the socks flat, one on top off the other.

2.) Beginning at the toe end roll the socks up, keeping the non-heal edge even as you roll.

3.) Place a rubber band on the lower half of socks.

4.) Use fingers to pull edges of socks to emulate swirls of frosting. Start by gently pulling up the middle of the sock to make a slight peak.

5. Next place either the chapstick or the pom glued to a bobby pin in the center of the cupcake for the “cherry” in the middle.

5.) Place sock cupcake on the bottom of baking cups and secure

6.) Lastly, use a ribbon and wrap liner (use glue to secure the ends of the liner). You can make a bow, use stickers, glitter glue, etc. Anything to give it some personality.

7.) *optional* If you wish to wrap, cut cellophane paper to size, stick cupcake in middle, pull ends to middle and secure with a ribbon and bow.

We can’t wait to see you and your friends at the senior living homes with your valentines and cupcake socks! Tag us at @ever_after_princess in your photos with the friends you make at your senior living homes!