Aug 1 2019

Howdy, ya’ll! Thanks for joining me and my Star Squad this month to spread kindness throughout your community! Grab your Kindness Wand, dust off your boots and let’s get going, cowpoke! There’s lots of kindness to be spread!

So you received a Kindness Wand at your party…now what? First, decorate your Kindness Wand and give it a fun name! Then, use your Kindness Wand to do kind acts for others and earn ribbons along the way. There are ten different ribbon colors to add to your wand and each one has a different kind act that it represents. For example, go to your favorite park, beach, or hiking trail and pick up some trash then tie a dark green ribbon to your wand to represent doing something kind for the environment. Click here to view the different ribbon colors! For every kind act that you do, add your kindness story to our Kindness Map with a picture of you and your Kindness Wand (or just a picture of your wand)!

Continue doing kind acts until you’ve earned all of your ribbon colors! Or you can do a kind act, earn a ribbon color, and pass your Kindness Wand onto someone else! Before you give your Kindness Wand to someone else to use, tie this tag onto your Kindness Wand and on the back of the tag write “My Kindness Wand’s Name is _______”.

Join Toy Cowgirl and her Star Squad as they pass out Kindness Wands throughout Southern California! Here are some fun ideas:

  • Is Mom or Dad getting coffee through the drive-through? Deliver a Kindness Wand to the person at the window! 
  • Go to your favorite animal adoption center and deliver some treats and a Kindness Wand to an employee to pass off to the next person who adopts! 
  • Take some bubbles and a Kindness Wand to a local playground and leave them for someone to enjoy! 
  • Write some thank you notes and take them with a Kindness Wand to your local police and/or fire station!
  • Gather some beach toys and leave them with a Kindness Wand on the boardwalk! 
  • Donate new or gently used school supplies to a local family homeless shelter with a Kindness Wand! 
  • Ding, dong, (kindly) ditch your neighbor and leave a Kindness Wand for them to use as they wish! 
  • Go to your local hospital or children’s hospital and deliver a Kindness Wand to a nurse or doctor, or give a get well soon card and Kindness Wand to a patient!

Reflection Questions

What was your favorite act of kindness you did with your Kindness Wand?

How can you make a difference every day by being kind?