Jun 30 2016


CHOC scottish 2016

Princess Natalie at CHOC as Scottish Princess

Did  you know that our Princess at Ever After Princess visit Children’s Hospital of Orange County  (CHOC) on a regular basis? Upon hiring, our cast knows and agrees to donate time to little ones who are at CHOC – in fact many of our cast seeks us out due to our charitable endeavors and commitment to giving back. We visit hospitals regularly for bedsides in Oncology and other hospital events as well as other charity events in and around Orange County all year long.

Snow choc 1

Nurses love our visits as well. The Princesses are true celebrities here.


If anyone has ever been in a hospital as a child or with their own child, you know, it’s not a great place to be. As much as the staff work tirelessly to make the children and their family’s stay as comfortable as possible, it is still a difficult place to be. Kids should be out playing, running and acting silly, not stuck in a hospital bed for any duration of time. Some of these children are there for a temporary stay, but unfortunately many are there for the long-haul and many times for a terminal illness. Knowing we can bring a bright spot that day to the patients, parents, nurses and even doctors (yes, even the doctors are smitten with our princesses too!), makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

CHOC Doctors

I only play a doctor in the hospital, Ma’am…..


Ever After Princess Events donates 10% of all party proceeds to charity. This percentage/donation goes 100% into programs for children in need and helps us fund parties for terminal children, homeless kids in Orange County or other causes where we can help a child that not quite as fortunate as we would hope.

Anna CHOC April 2015 autographs

Snow Princess did a day of arts and crafts on one of our very first visits early 2015

Booking with Ever After Princess means booking with a party company that genuinely loves children and a cast that is here by no accident. They intend on making each and every event (party or charity) a moment to remember.

snow choc 3

Every once in awhile we bump into a therapy dog or two strolling the floors

To see more candid photos of our charity appearances, visit our gallery here.  If you have a charity event and need a character or face painter, contact the office directly.

junior foundation Aug 20151

Pediatric Cancer Foundation Birthday Wish for Gizelle, 2015.