May 10 2016

spring princess flowers

Did you know that May is Foster Care Month? This month Spring Princess wants to remember foster kids and help make snuggle kits for kids in foster care to show we love them!

spring princess at door 6

This month we would like to support these often overlooked kids and focus on Orangewood Foundation in Orange, CA or any other foster care location in your respective areas. Orangewood helps foster kids in Orange County with anything from food, education, housing and life skills.

You can make these snuggle kits for Orangewood, any foster home in your area, or even drop off to women’s shelters where kids may be staying while homeless.

Get together with some friends and make “Snuggle Kits”

Grab some friends and stuff pillow cases with blankets. Decorate a ribbon and a large note to a friend in need. Supplies:

  1. New pillow case

  2. New blanket

  3. Ribbon

  4. Paper and pens

How do to it:

Take a new pillowcase and stuff with a rolled up fleece or other snuggly blanket. tie with a pretty ribbon and add a note or color the ribbon with fabric markers of puff paint. If you want to add a special touch a nice small stuffed toy is always a nice touch for any child too.

 Any of these items can be dropped off directly at the Orangewood Foundation at 1575 E. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Or contact them at (714) 619-0200 or info@orangewoodfoundation.org Hours of operation are M-F8:30am-5:00pm


thanks to little princes and princesses everywhere for helping others!  xoxo