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Ever After Princess is dedicated to bringing kindness and joy into your home! Our talented cast members have recorded videos in character as a resource for parents to help occupy your children during this unprecedented time. All princesses have special talents to share! Ever After Princess is proud to create magical moments for children in Southern California and we’re happy to provide these experiences now for children all around the world!

To access the videos please choose a donation amount of your choice. You only have to donate once to access all of the videos. There are 18 videos in our selection with princesses doing a variety of activities for you to enjoy! We’re so appreciative of donations in any amount so that we can continue to bring kindness, joy, and moments that will last a lifetime to families near and far!


Ever After Princess is proud to now offer Virtual Character Visits! Enjoy a special one-on-one video call, virtual birthday party, or Cameo video with your favorite character!

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