May 1 2018

Princess Ella encourages others to embrace her most important values: to be kind, charitable, and giving; just like her friends at The Compton Initiative who she lent a helping hand to earlier this month!

The Compton Initiative is a southern California non-profit organization which aims to restore the City of Compton through quarterly volunteer workdays. On a typical workday, volunteers of all ages and abilities help with projects throughout the city. Projects may include planting flowers, picking up debris, graffiti removal, or painting a school, house, or church. To date, The Compton Initiative has restored 1,300+ sites including 676 houses, 167 murals, 36 schools, 418 school buildings, 36 churches, 2 medical clinics, and 1 community garden.

Working alongside her friends at The Compton Initiative to make the City of Compton a more beautiful place for its’ residents, Princess Ella helped spread her optimism and confidence. The residents were so grateful for all of the volunteers’ work and expressed that living in a city they are proud of restores community and hope! Princess Ella is optimistic that you’ll want to help too! The Compton Initiative does quarterly events where all ages can participate in a project! Click on the link here to sign up for the next event on July 21, 2018!

Giving back to others is the best way to be kind and spread joy! If you’re unable to attend the event or are not local to Southern California you can still help a neighbor in need.

Here are some ideas:

    • Offer to water your neighbor’s flowers
    • Pick up trash in your neighborhood
    • Offer to walk an elderly neighbor’s dog
    • Leave a kind note on a neighbor’s door or in their mailbox
    • If you see a neighbor picking weeds in their garden, offer to help
    • Offer to paint a neighbor’s fence
    • Volunteer with your local Habitat for Humanity
    • Participate in your local city clean-up day

There are so many ways to show kindness and have a giving spirit! Princess Ella hopes she has inspired you to make a difference in your neighborhood!