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Princess With A Purpose

Princess with a purpose events

Donate Books to Children’s Shelters with Red Rose Princess

With a dreamy far-off look and her nose stuck in a book, Red Rose princess loves to escape into the great wide somewhere with a story. Red Rose princess believes that taking the time to pleasure read is one of the most important things anyone can do, especially […]

Hop into Easter with Glass Slipper Princess!

The Glass Slipper Princess says it is very important to always remember to “find courage and be kind.” She couldn’t think of a better way to march into the springtime than by giving back to one of her favorite organizations, the Friendly Center with kindness just like they […]

Rapunzel is Spreading Kindness this Thanksgiving! You can too!

Hello my lovely friends! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by my friends and family this time of year! After spending so much of my life in a tower, I try to embrace the holiday spirit as much as possible and spread the joy of love and giving […]

Donate Old Halloween Costumes to Kids In Need with Eve!

Eve here! Halloween is my favorite time of year and I’m so excited to celebrate this month! My friends and I have been thinking of the spookiest costumes for weeks! I love every part of Halloween and when I was younger I was pretty good at playing tricks […]

Show Kindness Toward Service Members with New Orleans Princess!

New Orleans Princess knows that any accomplishment takes hard work and self-sacrifice. She wouldn’t have her very own restaurant if she didn’t believe in herself and doing something to better the lives of others. That’s why this month New Orleans Princess is dedicating some of her time to […]

Fairy Godmother is Granting Birthday Wishes for Shelter Kids

Fairy Godmother is making birthday dreams come true this month! She loves granting wishes and spreading kindness! What better way to do that then helping shelter kids celebrate their birthdays! Most kids spend their birthdays with friends and family, eating cake, playing games, and opening presents. The whole […]

The Fairest Princess Shows Kindness Toward Four-Legged Friends!

The Fairest Princess of them all knows that real beauty comes from within. You help create your beautiful spirit by acting kindly and lovingly toward others. The Fairest Princess shares her kindness and love with people and animals alike. She easily makes friends with all animals, big and […]

Princess Ella Brings Optimism and Hope to the City of Compton! How to help a neighbor in need!

Princess Ella encourages others to embrace her most important values: to be kind, charitable, and giving; just like her friends at The Compton Initiative who she lent a helping hand to earlier this month! The Compton Initiative is a southern California non-profit organization which aims to restore the […]

Aloha Princess Shows Us the Power of Love!

Let’s see what the power of friends can accomplish! With friends to help us along the way, we can overcome almost anything that happens in life! Aloha Princess knows that we must let our inner beauty, strength, and wisdom help us reach the horizon when facing a difficult […]

Learning from Your Elders

Our Amulet Princess enjoyed a nice visit with the elderly citizens in her kingdom this month. Many of them had stories to share and words of wisdom to pass on. Visiting with the elderly showed Amulet Princess that some of our most important values are within us because […]