Aug 31 2019

Showing kindness and support toward the homeless is something every princess finds important. There are so many ways princesses love to make a difference for those who are in need and amazing people around the world doing their part to help. 

While every act of kindness towards the homeless makes a difference in their lives, usually the best way to share kindness is by being kind! Of course, food and clothing donations are a great way to give back. However, most people who are homeless benefit most from human connection, someone to listen to them, and show them a simple kind act. An important part of being a princess is treating every person in the kingdom with respect and kindness! A princess strives to treat others the way she wants to be treated!

Some people think that those who are homeless are dangerous, but usually, that’s not the case. Most people who are homeless are families, individuals down on their luck, and people who are sick and can’t pay for a doctor. Princesses enjoy donating what food and clothing they can to the homeless, but more importantly, they enjoy sharing their friendship and showing kindness and compassion. Whether that’s holding a door open, having a conversation, or simply giving an authentic smile and saying, “Hi, how are you today?” Every act of kindness makes a difference for the homeless, makes them feel connected to the community, and shows them that we care. 

This month, there are no items needed or how to participate in sections. Locate organizations in your area that work to connect and rehabilitate the homeless in your kingdom (city). Do kind deeds and support those who need it most in whatever way you are able. Join our princesses in their mission to be kind to everyone!

What are you waiting for? Do something kind today! 

Reflection Questions

What are other ways you can be kind to the homeless in your community? 

How can one kind act make a difference? 

Share with us on Instagram @ever_after_princess! We would love to hear about your ideas for being kind toward the homeless!