Mar 25 2016



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Spring is here! Our Princess with a Purpose for April centers around our oceans and beaches we are so incredibly lucky to have in our backyard. This month we are working to clean our beaches and care about our oceans. Here is an event you can attend and what you can do to help on your own this April
Every year many fish, birds and ocean life die because of various particles and items from the beaches that make it to the water and are ingested or trap sea life and animals that live in or near our oceans. Mermaid Princess hopes you will join her this month in keeping her home and friends safe and happy!
Here is how:
What: Join her friends for Zero Trash Day in Laguna Beach on Saturday, April 2nd, from 10:00-noon
To find out more click here.
How to help all month:
If you plan on visiting a beach or have some free time, grab some gloves and a bag and along with an adult or parent pick up the trash you see and do your part. You’ll help Mermaid Princess, all her friends that live under the sea and will feel great for helping the environment.
To learn more about how our trash affects our ocean friends, click here
 Any age princess can make our world a better place!


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