Sep 22 2017

It’s that month to celebrate some of our favorite villains by hosting spooky parties and decorating our most terrifying jack-o-lanterns!

And as our villains like nothing more than to be celebrated and talked about, they’re thrilled that this year the ambassadors of The Infinite Smile Project are sharing Halloween craft parties with children in need at local children centers and shelters.

What’s a Children’s Center?

A Children’s center is a safe place for families with young children, or teens, to access facilities, learning programs, and or the support they need. Many centers are non-profit organizations or run by state or local governments. Some are more rehabilitative in nature or provide shelter for those in need. Services are free and primarily volunteer-run. Many children who require these services are victims of abuse, crime, trauma, or poverty, and benefit greatly from the interest shown to them by community members like you!

How Do I Volunteer?

Children’s centers often encourage involvement on a “single-event” type basis, in which members of the community can arrange to teach a workshop, class, or activity at their local center to enrich the lives of children in need. You needn’t be a professional to share your passion, and children wanting to volunteer are equally welcome. We like to think of it as “show-and-tell.”

How to host a Halloween Craft Party

There is something especially exciting about Halloween crafting as Autumn begins to chill our bones and turn the leaves, and we warm up the apple cider. This month we’re putting it to our ambassadors to “show-and-tell” their favorite Halloween activities with new friends at local Children Centers, by hosting an afternoon of crafts, candy, and spooky movies!

Our storybook villains have shared some of their favorite crafts for Halloween time with us. If you’re hosting at a children’s center be sure to bring supplies for these budget-friendly crafts, or if you’re not able to host a party, drop off a craft kit with raw supplies for the center to distribute to its children. Either way, you’re sure to bring the excitement of Halloween to children who might not be lucky enough to go trick-or-treating this year.

Halloween Craft Ideas:

Our beloved villains are counting on you this Halloween to show-and-tell their spooky tricks and treats with new friends! Make a child’s day by sharing what you love about the season with them, and giving them the opportunity to have a spook-tacular Halloween.