Jul 30 2018

New Orleans Princess knows that any accomplishment takes hard work and self-sacrifice. She wouldn’t have her very own restaurant if she didn’t believe in herself and doing something to better the lives of others. That’s why this month New Orleans Princess is dedicating some of her time to the lives of men and women who sacrifice their time and lives for our country.

New Orleans Princess has been volunteering with her local United Service Organization putting in time at the location, creating care packages, and making thank you cards for service members who are far away from home. The United Service Organization’s main purpose is to support our nation’s military and their families. The USO has locations all over the world to help service members stay connected to their home communities no matter how far away. Additionally, the USO provides entertainment for deployed troops and offers special programs for service members throughout the entirety of their military employment. 

New Orleans Princess knows from experience that showing appreciation for a job well done encourages people to keep up the good work. That’s why she is so passionate about volunteering at the USO! Showing appreciation for service members and their families gives them hope, comfort, and happiness.

You can show your appreciation too and New Orleans Princess would love to help you!

To create thank you cards for your local USO you’ll need to following items:

    • Paper or blank cards
    • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
    • Anything extra you would like to use to decorate your card

After your thank you cards are complete find your local USO location using this link and drop off your cards.

New Orleans Princess is so proud of your kind actions!