Sep 27 2016

mermaid shoot tummy looking

Summer may have come and gone and princess parties have been a plenty, but these swimming mermaids that swam to our Orange County beaches and pools this summer are here for the long haul!
DSC_0475  These beautiful and colorful swimming mermaids give a splash to any pool party and any little one that wants a swimming mermaid party. From the Kingdom of Pelagia, each of these mermaids have their own name, own story and own adventure to share with birthday parties and their guests. mermaid shoot tails faces
Ever After Princess’ swimming mermaids or “Plunge Parties” start at age 3 and are even done for teens and sometimes adult events.  Anything you can imagine, they can do. Some swimming mermaid party plunge princesses sing their siren songs like Lunamermaid shoot Alyssa fave


Some of the mermaids like Genevive, are known for their elaborate stories and adventures off the warm waters of Greece and Italymermaid courtney 2
Other swimming mermaids like to teach their new human friends how to swim like mermaids with fins and lessons at the Mermaid Plunge Academy. Leilani and Mystique are famous for these entertaining pool parties and swimming mermaid parties with new human friends over the age of 7. mermaid group 4 gazing away
Any type of swimming mermaid party or pool party our human friends are having, these princess parties….we mean, “Plunge” princess parties certainly made summer of 2016 splash-arific. So, they decided to stay here in Southern California for good! mermaid shoot tails faces
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We shall see our human friends soon! DSC_0487