May 16 2018

The Fairest Princess of them all knows that real beauty comes from within. You help create your beautiful spirit by acting kindly and lovingly toward others. The Fairest Princess shares her kindness and love with people and animals alike. She easily makes friends with all animals, big and small, and her animal friends return her kindness by being loyal and true companions.

The Fairest Princess is keeping busy this month while her friends, the dwarves, are off at the mines by showing how much she cares for her four-legged friends. She frequently visits animal shelters in her kingdom and knows how much those animals rely on kind hearts to take care of them until they find a forever home. Every dog deserves something fun to play with and The Fairest Princess wants to make sure there are plenty of toys at the animal shelters. So she decided to make homemade dog toys and deliver them to shelters all across the land! You can help too!

Items Needed

    • Old t-shirts
    • Tennis balls
    • Empty water bottles (be sure to take the caps off)
    • Old socks
    • Stuffing

How to Make Dog Toys

We’ve put up a few pup-pins on Pinterest to help your creative juices flow! Pick one of the designs or create your own! You can braid a toy using the old t-shirts you’ve collected, stuff a water bottle in a sock, create a fun tug-o-war toy with t-shirts, or make an octopus fetch toy using a tennis ball and a t-shirt. There is even a tutorial for a doggie donut (you will need some thread and a needle for this one though)! Whatever you choose to make, the shelter dogs will love!

After you’ve made your dog toy(s) look up an animal shelter near you and deliver your toys! It’s as easy as that!

Just like The Fairest Princess, you can make a difference for a shelter dog this month. Open up your beautiful spirit and do something kind and loving for a dog in need.