Jan 27 2020

What is the next big celebration after the new year?? If you guessed the Super Bowl then you’re right! Last year the Super Bowl had about 98.2 million tv viewers and about 46% of people in the U.S. attended or hosted a Super Bowl party. Now, what if all of those people could come together to create a change in their community?? It’s easier than you think!

Souper Bowl of Caring is an organization that is “empowering youth and uniting communities to tackle hunger using the energy of the Big Game” (Souper Bowl of Caring Mission Statement). Souper Bowl of Caring encourages participants to help fight the hunger crisis within their own communities through food or monetary donations collected. There is no need to collect your donations and ship them to Souper Bowl of Caring. Every donation collected stays in the local communities where participants live and participants can choose where their donations go! 

Most people organize some sort of collection, through school, church, or even their neighborhood, in the weeks leading up to or on Super Bowl Sunday. What’s really cool about Souper Bowl of Caring is that, as a participant, you’ll see the direct impact you have on your community. You can even volunteer with the organization you donate to and help distribute your donations to those in need! 

Participation does require (free) registration, but upon registering you will receive Souper Bowl of Caring’s “Playbook” which is a packet of resources to help your event be successful and spread the word. Through your registration, you’re also able to report your collection amount to add to the national total. It’s pretty awesome to see how your collections contribute to the overall effort to help fight hunger and poverty across the nation. Fun fact: many NFL teams support Souper Bowl of Caring by hosting their own food collections in their cities or contributing through monetary donations! One of the ways Souper Bowl of Caring is able to provide free materials to you is through NFL team donations!

Items Needed To Participate

  • A good attitude, creativity, and willingness to give back to your community! 
  • A large soup pot (or a few) 
  • A box for collecting canned good or non-perishable food donations
  • “Playbook” materials – free to download upon registration or received through the mail

How to Participate

Register yourself or your organization through Souper Bowl of Caring. For easy registration access – click here. Print your “Playbook” materials needed and attach them, as necessary, to your donation soup pots or boxes. Place your donation soup pots or boxes at your collection site. Spread the word about your mission, the organization you’re collecting for, and how people can donate in the weeks leading up to or on Super Bowl LIV Sunday. Feel free to get creative! 

Hosting a Super Bowl Party? Have everyone bring one dollar (or more) and/or a canned good to donate.

Invite your neighbors to participate! Print flyers and put them on your neighbors’ door or in their mailbox. Let them know where they can drop off their donation. 

Get your youth group, girl or boy scout troop, sports team, dance studio, or any other group you’re a part of to participate! 

Read about some creative ways people have come together to collect for Souper Bowl of Caring here!

After your donations have been collected take them to the local organization of your choice. Log in to your account on Souper Bowl of Caring’s website and report your donations! 

If you’d like to read more FAQ’s about Souper Bowl of Caring please visit their FAQ’s page here.

Reflection Questions

How many people in the U.S. do you think are affected by hunger? (read some quick facts here

Did you enjoy participating in Souper Bowl of Caring and would you participate again? 

How do you think your donations had an impact on the people receiving them?

There is no specific Kindness Wand ribbon color for this act of kindness. Feel free to add a special glitter ribbon to your wand after participating in this month’s Princess With a Purpose!